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Habilitation and Training Center (HTC)
HTC Programs focus on developing the skills of each individual to achieve independence, productivity, and community inclusion. Services through the HTC program include: work orientation, work activity training, community orientation and personal habit development for work and personal life.
Agency: Occupational Development Center (ODC)
Contact: 218.681.6831

Employment Services
The Occupational Development Center is a nonprofit social enterprise that specializes in providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.
Agency: Occupational Development Center (ODC)
Contact: 218.681.6831

Adult & Youth Career Services
We exist to assist people, employers and communities achieve success in meeting their economic goals. Our experienced staff provides multiple services to job seekers and employers, whether it’s a high school youth learning to navigate the job seeking system for the first time or person dislocated from a long time job needing to refresh skills in order to re-enter employment. We provide career counseling and direction to people in determining appropriate career paths and the actions needed to achieve their goals. We have developed valuable relationships with the employers in our communities to assist us in developing the work skills of our clients. We are able to focus on the needs of the job seekers, employers and grow our workforce skills that in turn strengthen our communities.
Agency: Inter County Community Council
Contact: 218.796.5144 Ext. 7
Agency: NWPIC (Northwest Private Industry Council)
Contact: 218.683.8060

Workforce Development
We are a leader in facilitating workforce development within our Workforce Service Area, diversify our funding stream, creating longevity and stability. We will be a key ingredient in fostering economic development and a resource for community workforce growth. We offer the following services:
  • Training for skills necessary for in-demand jobs
  • Classroom training, including training for non-traditional jobs
  • On-the-job training
  • Labor Market information
  • Detailed assessment tools
  • Resource areas and equipment
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • Work Experience
  • Current job openings

Agency: NWPIC (Northwest Private Industry Council)
Contact: 218.683.8076
Agency: Occupational Development Center (ODC)
Contact: 218.681.6831