Mental Health

Mental Health Services/Counseling
Northwestern Mental Health Center provides an array of services to individuals and families in response to the mental health needs in the area. Our services include, but are not limited to: diagnostic assessments, psychological testing, court ordered evaluations, medication management, domestic abuse, neuropsychological evaluations, adult rehab (ARMHS), ICRS, targeted case management, adult community support, day treatment, The Novel Cup, homeless intervention, in-home therapy, in-home skills building, group therapy, school based therapy, children's case management, North Star Summer, emergency/crisis, CMH Training, early childhood, adult foster care, NWA Stabilization Site, community training and disaster preparedness.
Individual and family counseling for all ages is available for a wide range of issues including: ADHD testing, behavior problems, communications, depression, divorce / separation, grieving / loss, marriage, mental health, parenting / discipline, psychological evaluation, relationships, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.
Agency: Northwestern Mental Health Center
Contact: 218.281.3940
Crisis Hotline: 1.800.282.5005

Behavioral Health
Sanford Behavioral Health focuses on helping individuals in the workplace and community who are struggling with anxiety, depression, psychological and emotional stress reactions and behavioral needs. Our experienced Psychiatrists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Psychologists and Therapists provide a variety of therapeutic strategies to reduce symptoms, improve life skills and help people regain control of their lives. We offer outpatient, partial hospital and inpatient services for adults and outpatient care for children and adolescents. We work with individuals and families to deal with relationship difficulties, pressure at home, at work and through life transitions. Sanford Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing the best psychiatric and psychological care in the region and is available 24/7 to meet people's needs.
Agency: Sanford Behavioral Health Center
Contact: 218.683.4349
Crisis Hotline: 1.800.282.5005

Sanford Medical Center is a primary care medical facility comprised of a Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic built on a history of providing compassionate, quality care to residents of Northwestern Minnesota for over one hundred years. It provides: family and specialty care, procedures, inpatient care and swingbed, physical therapy, imaging and laboratory services, 24-hour emergency room, and a variety of other medical services.
Agency: Sanford Medical Center
Contact: 218.681.4747

Altru Clinic is exploring various health care specialties the community needs, and will evaluate how this expanded space can be used to further care for patients. Even more, Altru’s specialists have unique access to resources provided through the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Our relationship in the network allows use of electronic tools which provide knowledge in disease management and Mayo Clinic treatment recommendations and protocols.
Agency: Altru Clinic
Contact: 218.681.7280