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Autism Resources

Anne Carlsen Center for Autism
The Anne Carlsen Center for Autism offers a structured curriculum and advanced skill training. Direct services are provided by highly-trained interventionist. A licensed clinical psychologist provides clinical oversight, ensuring a consistently high quality of diagnostics, program plan development and review, training, and quality assurance/outcomes.
Agency: Anne Carlsen Center for Autism
Contact: 701.934.1144

Autism Society of Minnesota
Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) is a non-profit organization committed to education, advocacy and support designed to enhance the lives of those affected by autism from birth through retirement. Whether you are a family with a child who is newly diagnosed, an adult who is on the spectrum, an educator who serves individuals with autism, or a corporation that wants to learn more about employing individuals with autism, AuSM provides you with the resources and services you need to help you accomplish your goals.
Agency: Autism Society of Minnesota
Contact: 651.647.1083

Minnesota Department of Education
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affect how an individual processes information and interprets the world. Core features of autism are persistent deficits in social interaction and communication and restricted, repetitive or stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests or activities. Each individual with ASD displays a unique combination of characteristics, ranging from mild to severe, requiring individually determined educational and treatment programming.
Agency: Minnesota Department of Education
Contact: 651.582.8200